The Bus on the Stampede Trail
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As quoted by Wikipedia:
"The Stampede Trail in Alaska was a mining trail blazed in the 1930s by Alaska miner Earl Pilgrim to access his antimony claims on Stampede Creek, above the Clearwater Fork of the Toklat River. Located in Denali Borough; what is now known as Stampede Road begins near the Nenana River at the Alaska Railroad's Anchorage-Fairbanks route in the village of Lignite.
In 1961, Yutan Construction won a contract from the new state of Alaska to upgrade the trail as part of Alaska's Pioneer Road Program, building a road on which trucks could haul ore from the mines year-round to the railroad. The project was halted in 1963 after some fifty miles of roads were built, but no bridges were ever constructed over the several rivers it crossed, and the route was shortly rendered impassable by thawing permafrost and floods. The trail has since been used by backcountry travelers on foot, bicycle,snowmachines and motorcycle."
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Chris Arrives In Fairbanks prior to his journey through the stampede trail. Here he sends his last known postcards to a few of his closest friends.
Here is a picture of the best description of what Alaska looks like in the winter.. even in the modernized city limits.
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-52 degrees as a normality.. this would be something Chris would know in detail. Regardless of the time of year Chris traveled through Alaska and embarked on his journey.. the vastness and extreme nature of Alaska never discourages his journey. His planning of Alaska for more than three years tells us that these weather conditions, even if he would avoid them with the time of year, would never deter his goals. He simply planned around all obstacles, and never once let those obstacles bring him down.